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Chaos Ensues

It seems anytime things get a little crazy, my blog is the first thing that suffers. I am sorry I have neglected you old friend! Suffice it to say, there has been a lot of changes taking place.

I have started a new position as Senior Consultant with Summit 7 Systems. I am excited about the opportunity that has been presented to me and look forward to the challenges and new adventures that are certain to come with it.

Due to this change, I will be travelling some and with that comes more time in hotels twiddling my thumbs, so I’m sure during those times I’ll be able to blog more! Or at least, I will try… when I’m not exploring whatever new city I’m visiting!

The Gowin household has been extremely busy of late adjusting to the new position and baseball has started, so it seems we are at the ball park every day of the week! This has also left me little time to sit down and play with technology for a while so that I can make sure my posts are accurate for all of my loyal readers, you know who you are!

Now for some interesting news. I was privileged to speak at SharePoint Saturday Atlanta on April 17th. It was an all-star event, and one that is near and dear to my heart, as it pretty much represents my induction into the SharePoint community. I presented on a new topic for me, SharePoint 2010. I enjoyed it and surprisingly, received good feedback, even when half of my demos decided to fail on me! Thanks to Dan Attis, Ron Jones, Lee Reed and more who put on a great event! I look forward to it next year.

I am also speaking (very last minute) at SharePoint Saturday Huntsville on May 1! You should all make plans to attend! There were so many good speakers who applied, the number of sessions was increased to make sure that there is plenty of good content for everyone to enjoy.

Last but not least, my blogs are now going to be cross-posted to a blog on the Summit 7 Systems site. So now you will have 2 ways to find me!

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