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Cloud-based higher education industry will exceed $12 billion by 2019

Plenty of businesses have already taken the steps to adopt cloud computing solutions such as Amazon Web Services to experience a host of benefits. Some of these advantages include improved operational flexibility, data accessibility and reduction in operating costs. It appears that higher educational institutions are following suit with their corporate counterparts.

A MarketsandMarkets report predicted the global cloud industry in the higher education space will exceed $12 billion by 2019. Between 2014 and the end of the forecast period, the sector is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 20 percent.

So what is causing this significant increase of cloud-based expenditures among universities and colleges? The research firm explained institutions will adopt the service to reduce operational spending, improve student and staff time management and maximize their real estate footprint.

On the cloud vendor side, service providers are expected to offer colleges and universities better disaster planning, communications and data recovery capabilities.

"The major forces driving this market are increased cost flexibility with reduced implementation and maintenance cost, enhanced infrastructure scalability, evolving needs by mobile workforce and the indispensable requirement to be technologically advanced," MarketsandMarkets explained.

First-time adopter? Get the cloud right from the start

The immaturity of the higher education cloud market means that many colleges and universities are expected to be first-time adopters. Rather than going at it alone on their first cloud implementation, these institutions should consider finding a partner to select the best service for their unique needs.

At Summit 7 Systems, we assist customers by crafting a thorough deployment plan based on a client's organizational culture and operational challenges. Whether a customer wants to adopt Amazon Web Services for its cloud service or go with another vendor, we will make a recommendation that positions the client to achieve success from day one of the product launch.

Being there for an initial cloud implementation is not enough. We understand that complications can happen with technology, which is why our support staff is available to assist with an organization's needs during any stage of their cloud consumption.

Customers still on the fence about adopting the cloud do not have to make an "all-in decision" today. At Summit 7 Systems, we provide a complimentary savings assessment to highlight how a potential client can benefit from a cloud service without actually deploying a solution.

To learn more about how we can build up your cloud infrastructure, click here for more details.

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