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DFARS Policy Breakdown and Making Sense of O365 Licensing and Cloud Environments (Webinar)

For federal contractors, the most common chasm between POAM and an actual compliant IT ecosystem is licensing and product management. National DFARS/NIST compliance speaker, Scott Edwards, and Microsoft's Brian Levenson will provide a DFARS Policy breakdown and help make sense of Microsoft Office 365 licensing and various Cloud environments (plus security tools). Topics and areas to be covered:

  • Office 365 offerings for US Government, Contractors, and Defense Industry
  • Compliance model
  • Licensing overview
  • Roadmap review
  • Mapping FAR to DFARS - Future FAR regulations
  • Q&A


The Brains Behind the Screen 


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Scott Edwards is a national expert and speaker on NIST 800-171, DFARS, and FAR compliance and implementation with Office 365 and Azure. He is an accomplished computer engineer and organizational leader with experience in business, project management, systems engineering, training and security. Scott’s technical experience was honed at NASA as a Senior Computer Engineer and the Chief Engineer and Engineering Manager for the NASA Datacenter.

Scott received his Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy and his Master of Science in Computer Science with an emphasis in Information Assurance at James Madison University. Scott proudly served as an Officer in the US Army Signal Corps with both the 2-227th Aviation Battalion in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the 1-6 Air Defense Artillery Battalion in Fort Bliss, Texas. Currently, Scott is the President and Managing Partner of Summit 7 Systems. 


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Brian Levenson is currently the Microsoft product marketing manager for Office 365 US Government. Brian has managed a university help desk, helped enterprises and governments deploy and use software solutions, and supported early cloud adopters through BPOS, Office 365, and now Microsoft 365. As the Office 365 US Gov technical product specialist within the business group, he is responsible for Microsoft’s secure collaboration and intelligent productivity services designed for US Government, defense industry, aerospace, and government contractors. Brian travels the world talking about enabling a modern workplace and transforming business and government services with technology, and he frequently delivers Office 365 product overviews as one of Microsoft’s top presenters in the Executive Briefing Center.



December 31st, 2017 has come and gone and the new mandates for DFARS compliance are now in effect. By now, we all know the basis of what it takes to become compliant, but how many are confident in their knowledge of other Microsoft and Cloud components? Thankfully, we have two experts who are ready to get you in the know. Join these two experts on our first webinar of the year that will deal with DFARS compliance and how to make sense O365 Licensing and the Cloud. On February 8th, 2018 between 10:00 AM CST – 11:00 AM CST, Edwards and Levenson will discuss O365 offerings for U.S. Government, Contractors, and Defense Industry, Compliance model, Licensing overview, Roadmap review, and Resources needed. Kick 2018 off on the right foot by signing up and tuning in. 


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