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Did You Design for Searching or Finding?

As a child, I used to go fishing with my grandfather.

We rarely caught anything in the small river near my home.

I always said, "I hate to go fishing because we never catch anything."

His consistent response was “They don’t call it catching. They call it fishing.”

More often than not, Search designs are for easy searching, not necessarily for Finding. This is true whether for SharePoint Search or FAST Search for SharePoint or some other search engine. We seem to spend more time focused on gear, bait and apparel than the actual results.

Fishing may be all about the experience whether one catches anything or not. Searching should be all about finding the information needed. Success is the experience desired in the grand scheme of things. Fun while finding is just serendipity in my opinion.

However, searching and finding are similar to fishing in some aspects:

  1. There has to be some fish to catch.
  2. It helps to know where the fish are likely located.
  3. You do need the correct gear and the correct bait.
  4. If one does not know the type of fish desired, choosing gear and bait becomes problematic.
  5. Technique and skill certainly help.

No answers in this blog. Just ruminations.

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