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Getting ready to go Mobile: What should I do first?

Our client’s analytics proved that Mobile traffic was on the increase.  Traffic to their sites actually tripled over a 9 month span with 1 in every 20 visits coming from a mobile device.  So the decision to create a mobile optimized site was easy, but where to start?

Start with the analytics.  Knowing that mobile traffic has increased isn’t enough, but instead look a little deeper into your analytics to see what mobile users are looking for when they come to your site.   With more detailed observation of the analytics you will be better prepared to see if you should reorganize or alter your information architecture to better server your mobile audiences.  For our client, a leader in higher education, the analytics proved that there were certain areas that were consistently being accessed from users with mobile devices.  Items such as the class schedule, financial aid information, admissions and programs of study.  But overall the viewing habits of mobile users weren’t much different than those using a desktop to view the sites.

This information was helpful in solidifying our approach to the IA for the mobile optimized sites.  We pulled the top viewed items to the forefront in the IA, but also keeping our main navigation consistent with the desktop version, since the viewing habits weren’t significantly different on mobile vs. desktop.

Starting with the analytics got this project off in the right direction.  We didn’t have to guess what the users where looking for, but instead had the data to get them exactly what they need.

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