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How Nintex is shaping its future

It’s more than just workflows for everyone; it’s a community for everyone!

As 2015 gets underway, many people are starting to hit the grind with projects, resolutions and more. Companies are trying to take over market share, grow and expand, or just stay afloat. As a consultant, I’m endeavoring to capitalize on the successes of last year and do even more this year. For me, it is about building a career that has an impact and not just having a job.

One of my goals for this year is to measurably increase my knowledge with tools that I consider to be “user-powering.” Tools in this category enable users to do their jobs better, perform tasks easier and with more efficiency, and increase productivity without requiring huge learning curves. As a consultant and user of SharePoint, it is important that I am aware of these tools and have applicable, working knowledge of them. While being knowledgeable in many is great, owning one or two tools and becoming a Subject Matter Expert with them is even better.

One company that I have seen successfully redefine how users interact with SharePoint and align with a lot of what I do is Nintex. I have seen tons of companies start up and attempt to help make SharePoint easier to use, but none in my opinion have executed like Nintex has when it comes to workflows. To those K2 lovers, yes I’m aware they exist, but this is my opinion and I’ve used a lot of tools to justify that statement.

Nintex_1As industries continue to innovate, everyone is trying to do three things: 1. Find the cheapest way to do things, 2. Find the fastest way to do them, and 3. Find the most productive method/tool to do them with. Rising over the past few years into a juggernaut within the realm of workflows, Nintex has really made a name of itself as the “go-to solution”. However, before you hop on Google or Bing to find out more, I can tell you it’s not just the company stats and sales figures that are making waves. Nintex has consistently made huge investments in its user community, and that goes a long way to helping the company’s brand grow without needing tons of marketing dollars.

The vision and focus of Nintex is very simple (not taking away from the company's strategy) and you can see it in their brand and their products. Their "Why" is very attractive, and their mission is something that many of their followers not only understand but inadvertently join in and promote without being paid to do so. I’m no market trend leader, but I’d be willing to put some money down that the Nintex community is a key factor into why Nintex has risen to be a game changer in the realm of business process and workflow automation. Nintex is very unique and it's “Why” (why it is in business) is something every user can understand: “Workflow for everyone.”


While we know that everyone does not and/or should not build or design workflows, the fact that they can breaks down information and process barriers within organizations and challenges every user to participate in being more productive.

Wait…there is more to it.

Nintex had a community site a few years ago that was just okay to me. For many of the users, it was similar to a knowledge base site that techies used to troubleshoot issues and talk about problems with the product. Then someone at Nintex had a vision to provide something better and they put that vision to work. This is the thought I'm sure someone had in a planning meeting last year:

What if we gave users a free way to communicate with each other, share information and ask questions? What if we incorporated some type of gaming system with points and missions to drive engagement and interactions between users? What if we invested in our users just as much as we invested in our technology, and supported growing the knowledge of our user community? Who knows what solutions our users will create, what new ideas they will generate, and who will become a salesperson by sheer experience with using the tool? Why not create a Nintex culture that revolutionizes our company and a community that will totally support it.” – some Nintex person

Wow! The image below says it all.


I’m not sure if that’s how it went, but in many ways this is what Nintex did mid-2014. I slowly watched a concept I had dreamed about become a major driving force for mass adoption by Nintexters all over the world. We can definitely see the results of it with their community site boasting over 4600 users since its launch and many more joining daily. In case you don’t know about it, head over to

I believe they are keeping their product simple, and seemingly staying slightly ahead of the curve with innovation in many ways. While they, like any technology company, do have quirks to fix and figure out; they’ve streamlined how they get feedback and you can bet it is starting to pay off. Though I cannot tell you how many licenses they've sold year over year, I can tell you that they are investing in building the quality of their users and helping them help each other while using the product. They are giving users a fun place to work; wait - who would have thought that was possible? The irony is that for many of the users on the community site such as myself, we are putting in a lot of work on our own dimes and not theirs.

I see a bright future for Nintex as long as it continues investing in building its users and helping them to connect with others and share that success as they grow.  Thanks for reading... Eric

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