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Importance of SharePoint Events and a SharePoint Saturday Nashville Update

Wow! That is a pretty long title for a blog post. I will work on that next time. Anyway, have you been to any good SharePoint events lately? I have heard that the SharePoint Conference last month in Vegas was great. I went last year and learned a ton while meeting lots of new people and helping both me and Summit 7 make some good contacts. SharePoint events are great opportunities to improve your skills and contacts. Free SharePoint events make that an even better deal.

SharePoint Saturday Nashville – the next (FREE) SharePoint Event:

So, whether you made it out to Vegas for SPC 2014 or not, I wanted to quickly tell you about the next SharePoint Saturday event on April 5th (this Saturday) in Nashville, TN and it happens to be FREE. It’s being held at the Swang Business Center on the campus of Lipscomb University from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM. You can come for one session or stay for all of them. Free donuts and coffee in the morning, a free lunch and if you are there at the end, a chance to win a Windows tablet, Xbox or other great door prizes. All this for free? It can’t be, you say. Oh, but it is. Summit 7 Systems is one of the sponsors and some of us are even presenting sessions. Our own Ben Curry will be giving a great session on SharePoint architecture. Come meet him and bring your copy of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Pocket Guide for him to sign. He is really not that shy.

Importance of SharePoint Events

I know…you don’t have time for extracurricular things that you don’t get paid for, and besides you just use SharePoint to store a document or because your boss tells you to use it. But what if all those things you hear are true? What if SharePoint really could make your job easier? What if a little more knowledge could help you make a great name for yourself around the cube farm and maybe get a little bigger bump come raise time. You would then be getting paid for that time you took to learn something new.

Look, I am not a fan of keeping my nose in a book, but let’s be honest. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. So as a person who has to work with technology for a living (and don’t we all to some extent), I am constantly in learning mode. I probably spend 20% of my week reading blogs, watching tutorials, asking questions and listening to peers. The point is, you never really stop learning, and what I have found, is that the more I focus on and learn the tools of my trade, the easier my trade becomes. Then I tend to have more time for those extra-curricular things I really love doing because I answer the question faster or solved the problem sooner this time. Investing in a little extra education can go a long way, not just in helping you technically, but in your confidence as well. There is no feeling that boosts your confidence like knowing the answer when the question is asked.

Make it a point to find a SharePoint event soon. If you have to SharePoint, you might as well SharePoint better and a few free sessions at an event like SharePoint Saturday Nashville might just make your next task or project in SharePoint an even bigger success.

If you are in or around the Middle Tennessee area this weekend, Saturday, April 5th, to be exact, swing by Lipscomb University and learn something new about SharePoint. I am looking at you Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. You could even win a tablet or a gift card! And when it’s all done, take in the nightlife of Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee. Heck yeah, we got technology down here!

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