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Learn What’s Possible With Client Side Development at SPTechCon Boston

SPTechCon is coming back to Boston August 11-14 and as always I’m looking forward to this great event. I’ve been speaking at SPTechCon for a few years now and the guys at BZ Media continue to put on one of the best SharePoint Conferences in the country. I keep trying to talk them into doing an event in Branson, but so far they are hesitant…. not sure why??? Come on Dave! You know you want to!

Anyway! This time around I’ll be presenting three sessions, two of them new to SPTechCon. They range from informational to deep dive development. So, no matter your role you should be able to get something out of at least one of these sessions.

From Despised to Desired: The Evolution of Client-Side Development

I first started using Client-Side Development with SharePoint 2007 because of deployment limitations. As my knowledge and skill grew I started using things like JavaScript and jQuery more and more. To say these skills were not truly appreciated at first by other developers is an understatement, but I persevered! (and really had no choice at the time) Then in SharePoint 2010 I was able to develop on these skills and add to them. Now I find myself in SharePoint 2013 with a skill that is not only desired, but one that essential to SharePoint development.

In this non-technical session I take you on my journey through the evolution of client-side development in SharePoint. I’ll share the challenges I faced and how I overcame them. You’ll see live demos, learn from my mistakes, and begin to fully appreciate what is possible when you embrace client-side development in SharePoint.


The SharePoint and jQuery Guide

Now it’s time to get a little more technical. In this session I begin to dig into the client-side tool jQuery. You’ll understand the specifics of using JavaScript and jQuery in SharePoint and learn some skills to start using it immediately. You’ll also learn some of the gotchas and things to look out for so that you can avoid some of the headaches I went through!  In addition, you’ll see:

  • Demos showing "What's possible," including visual enhancements and practical business intelligence
  • Best practices for deploying and maintaining SharePoint
  • How to get quick wins with little effort using third-party jQuery libraries
  • How to interact with SharePoint forms and lists using JavaScript and jQuery


Build Your First Windows 8 Application Using the Client Object Model in SharePoint 2013

Okay, now we are going to spend a LOT of time in Visual Studio. In this session I will take you step-by-step of building your first Windows 8 Application using a Windows RunTime Component Library, HTML, JavaScript and SharePoint’s Client Side Object Model’s Social features. This is actually a variation of the session I did with Eric Harlan at the last Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. If you’ve never built a Windows 8 Application before or used the Client Side Object Model, this would be a great session to attend to get some ideas, tips, and tricks to try out.

So, yeah, I’ll be pretty busy but if you are around please feel free to come harass me, I enjoy meeting you guys and it’s always fun to swap stories and learn from each other.

The location for SPTechCon Boston phenomenal, and the quality of speakers and sessions improve every single year. Registration is still open and if you register using my last name “RACKLEY” you can save an extra $200 in registration costs (that’s $500 total if you register before July 26th). Not a bad deal for a few days in a great city learning about SharePoint from some of the best SharePoint minds…oh, and me.

Hope to see you there!

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