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Now is the time for businesses to embrace Microsoft Lync

Unified communication (UC) solutions are valuable tools for promoting employee collaboration throughout the entire organization. Whether employees are using PCs, laptops, tablets or even smartphones, they can contact coworkers, customers, and clients anywhere at any time. Microsoft Lync is one UC suite gaining steam throughout the enterprise sector, combining instant messaging, video conferencing, and Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) capabilities.

Smart Company's David Markus emphasizes the benefits of Microsoft Lync throughout the corporate market. For example, organizations that adopt a UC solution can replace their traditional branch exchange phones with more functional systems, including video broadcasting, shared desktop applications, presence, call management, and routing and tools to improve call center management and operations.

Work seamlessly through any device
Today's workforce is not bound by a traditional office settings. Employees are constantly on the go and not always available at their desks. The ability to use mobile, flexible communication tools such as Lync can foster greater productivity among staff members without breaking the bank. UC suites can go a long way toward supporting Microsoft's vision of a future in which smartphones, tablets, and PCs equal desk phones in terms of capabilities.

Markus indicates UC thrives where traditional telephony fails. Organizations with UC systems in place can take advantage of on-demand face-to-face meetings, since people no longer have to travel. Incoming calls are forwarded to the end-user and not an empty desk phone. Employees unavailable to receive a call can block these calls to avoid interruptions.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of UC systems involves remote employees. More staff members are looking for the opportunity to avoid the daily commute and work from home. Markus notes UC augments this experience, providing workers with the proper tools to remain productive even outside of the office.

With all of these advantages rolled into one unified platform, Microsoft has a system that is making waves throughout the market. Gartner indicated Microsoft was right on Cisco's heels in 2013 as the No. 1 UC vendor. The research firm's latest Magic Quadrant report has Microsoft taking over the top spot.

Seize the value, avoid the complications
Successful UC solutions can not only empower employees, regardless of whether they are working from the office or from home, they can also drive a competitive advantage. Not all of competitors will embrace the opportunities presented by UC deployment, so early adopters can get a leg up in their respective industries.

Organizations planning a UC deployment must employ a long-term adoption plan to quickly obtain value from their investments in these powerful tools. This is where Summit 7 Systems, a Microsoft Certified Partner with several Gold competencies, comes into play. We provide Microsoft products and services to customers directly, helping them maximize their investments in these important enterprise solutions. How do we accomplish this? We use our unique Ascension methodology to assist clients before, during, and after any product launch to make sure clients are getting the most out of these tools.

To learn more about how Summit 7 Systems can help your company with its UC deployment or any other IT-related needs, contact us today.

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