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Now you see it, now you don’t

Nope, I’m not the Magic Man, or the magic woman for that matter, but I think the June 2011 CU for SharePoint 2010 just might be some kind of magic! I had the opportunity to work as go-live support for a client that had already installed SP1 and the June 2011 CU in their environment when it went live. I was brought it to help track down escalated issues that couldn’t be handled by support personnel.

As I walked in, one of the first issues they bring to me is that when a user goes to a Status List (formerly a KPI list in 2007) and views the details of the list item, it doesn’t show the list in the view below the details. OK, so maybe this is the way it is supposed to be, I think to myself. I’ll be honest, I know the basics of KPI/Status lists, but I don’t work with them all that much, so I wasn’t sure. So I sat down at my computer and fired up my VM, which is at SP1, but not the June 2011 CU and tested it out.

Here’s how I tested. First, I created a simple tasks list in a team site, then I created a few test tasks and set them at various percentages of completion, 10, 50, 100, pick your poison if you are doing this, just do a few and set them all at different percentages. Then I created a new status list. This seems like something easy, but then you look at it and wonder ok what now? So click New, and create a new SharePoint List Based Status Indicator. I titled the indicator as “Good Status” (creative, I know!) and then set it up to be an average of all of the percentages of completion and if the average was 50% then it was yellow, and 100% then it was green, all other things would be red. My average was 63.33333…% so it was a yellow indicator that appeared.

Then I clicked on the status indicator, which would open the details. Lo and behold, there is the list view showing below my status details. It looks like this:


Ok, so now I’m thinking not seeing the list definitely isn’t the default behavior of 2010. I test it again on one of the client’s dev machines, which is also at SP1, but no June 2011 CU applied. Identical behavior.

Ok, so now I’m thinking, this was an upgrade, so maybe it is just something with the upgrade causing it, so we log into the production server, create a NEW site collection, new site, new lists, and what do you know, it doesn’t show the list. Hmm… ok so it is definitely not just an upgrade issue. We begin to troubleshoot those pesky little issues that sometimes cause these weird behaviors. We check the hosts files entries on the servers, they are all set to come back to the local host for those host entries. OK so the next thought is to check out that “wonderful” loopback check, we check all servers, and the host headers are set up in the registries appropriately so that loopback won’t be an issue. I checked all of the logs, there is nothing except the entry where it was clicked, no errors, no nothing.

Now I’m grasping at straws. I start searching to see if anyone else has had this problem and I come up empty handed. Now what? I decided to install the June 2011 CU on my VM and then check, then activate any features that might be activated on their production servers in my VM and check after each one to see where/when it might break. If I didn’t find the culprit, then we’d start finding some more heavy hitters to help with this issue.

So after staring at blue lines across my screen for nearly 2 hours (it takes a REALLY long time to install the June 2011 CU, especially in a VM on a laptop) I finally am able to go in and test the first difference in our environments. Well what do you know, the list I created before now shows no list in the details now. Thankfully I didn’t have to go any further. This is what appeared:


So for those of you who have installed or plan to install the June 2011 CU, this behavior may occur in your environment. I am reporting this to Microsoft and will let you know in comments or updates if there is any response and if there is a fix that is reported.

Happy SharePointing!


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