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SharePoint, cloud computing make content more accessible

Organizations are generating, receiving and storing massive amounts of data, requiring agile tools to manage this information effectively. In recent years, SharePoint, Microsoft's enterprise content management suite, and cloud computing have gained steam as solutions to leverage such resources.

Cloud computing enables companies to deliver data to all employees, regardless of their physical location or device they are using - PC, tablet or smartphone - allowing them to view real-time information when performing work-related tasks ​when away from the office. Such a capability makes organization-wide communication and collaboration more accessible than with legacy equipment.

Cloud computing brings new functionality to SharePoint and Office suites
Julia White, general manager of the Office Product Management team, asserted cloud computing is a game-changing technology in terms of bringing new experiences to SharePoint and Microsoft Office solutions. The service is changing the very nature in which people work, and organizations can use these environments to implement new solutions for machine learning, mobility and collaboration, impacting the fundamental capabilities of a business.

"Cloud computing and Microsoft SharePoint make a strong pairing."

The value of the tool is evidence by the number of users. White indicated SharePoint reached its place in the ECM space thanks to extensions and add-ons to the platform from more than 3.4 million developers.

"This principle holds true moving forward - while the way developers build for the cloud is different - we absolutely want to enable customers and partners to build new, innovative applications and customizations that meet their needs," White wrote.

Microsoft will accomplish this feat by updating the application model launched with SharePoint 2013. White explained the company will release custom APIs that make SharePoint and Office 365 integration easy. Such a capability will also allow partners and developers to establish personalized offerings to their clients.

SharePoint and cloud QuickStarts will get your business rolling
Companies that have yet to implement SharePoint or cloud computing are in a precarious position because they should have adopted these tools long ago. Luckily, firms that want fast, efficient and risk-averse deployments of such solutions can take advantage of Summit 7 Systems' QuickStarts process.

Successful deployment is completed in just one month with Summit 7 Systems, as we will establish a portal and framework to craft the most effective solution migration possible. Two weeks will be spent understanding a client's IT and operational requirements, while the other two weeks will be for the implementation itself.

Businesses that want to quickly and securely transition to cloud environments and SharePoint suites can do so with Summit 7 Systems' help. Learn more about Summit 7 Systems' offerings process today.

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