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Microsoft MVP Ben Curry to Speak at SPTechCon Boston - June 27-30

SPTechCon: The SharePoint Technology Conference is returning to Boston, June 27-30, 2016! SPTechCon offers more than 80 technical classes and tutorials — presented by the most knowledgeable instructors working in SharePoint today — to help attendees improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of Microsoft's collaboration and productivity software.

SPTechCon offers classes and tutorials for IT professionals, business decision makers, information workers, project managers, software architects and developers. Each presenter at the conference will be a true SharePoint expert, with many drawn from Microsoft’s tech teams or from outside authorities with Microsoft MVP status.

Don't miss our resident Microsoft MVP, Ben Curry, at the following sessions:


This is going to be a fun and lively session! Instead of lots of PowerPoints, we’ll walk through designing and installing SharePoint 2016 live! We’ll review the new installation options and then install common features in a new farm. You’ll leave this workshop with a solid understanding of what you need to know to install and configure SharePoint 2016. We’ll take the guesswork out of your 2016 technical implementation. There’s a LOT of new features coming in SP 2016 - with new ones being announced all of the time. You’ll leave this session with confidence you can go back and begin your planning and testing.

Some of the major points that will be covered:

  • The new MinRole Farm Architecture
  • Installation Nuances and Options
  • Q&A WhiteBoard Session
  • Where did Excel Services go?
  • Improvements to Document Management
  • Configuring and Managing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Farm-wide!!
  • Creating and Managing Document Deletion Policies (farm wide policies)
  • And much more as we see what the hot topics are by the Boston show!!

Level: Intermediate

Audience: Developer Essentials, IT Pro Essentials


SharePoint Farm Architecture and Performance: Testing on 2013 and Planning for 2016   - June 28th 8:45-10:00AM

Are you unsure of architecting Web and service applications for performance in SharePoint Server 2013? Do you want to know more about how stuff works under the hood? This class provides a thoughtful approach to designing your SharePoint Server 2013 server farm and gives you confidence that you are heading in the right direction. You'll learn how to architect for performance, and get live demonstration of performance testing tools! There will also be tips and tricks for pre-planning for the next version of SharePoint Server and what you can do now to make that transition easier.

Level: Advanced

Audience: IT Pro Essentials, Architecture Essentials


SharePoint Hybrid - The Sure Path Forward - june 29th 8:30-9:45am

This session will help you create a clear and accurate Office 365 Hybrid roadmap. There no question that most organizations will be hybrid. But how do I build a technical roadmap for success? Where do i start? Some of you will be hybrid for the purpose of a phased migration, some will be permanent hybrid. I’ll help you make the important strategic decisions along with the technical points you must know. We’ll discuss SPO and how to configure a hybrid Office 365 environment with your on-premises SharePoint Server. You’ll be introduced to the challenges of hybrid, relevant requirements and design points needed for a successful hybrid project, logical architecture design (to include hybrid search and e-Discovery), DNS, security, and Identity Management.

Level: Overview

Audience: Developer Essentials, IT Pro Essentials, Business Decision Makers


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