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The Secret Life of Great Companies and Careers

It's funny sometimes how a movie can make you think more about real life. I recently watched "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" starring Ben Stiller, and in the end the movie made a great point. Great companies or endeavors are not made great necessarily by circumstances or single moments... They are made great by the summation of the people who comprise those companies or endeavors and the extent of their passion for what they do.

Another great point in the movie was in essence "take a chance" - do something outside of your normal routine. The "Mitty" movie went on to show that when you do take chances, you find you are capable of so much more. I've personally found this to be true in my personal life and professional career. The opportunity to take chances and stretch yourself pursuing a passion is part of what makes a great company. To that end, I thought I would collect a few thoughts and comments from people here at Summit 7 about their passion at work and relay that information to the public at large. Not to bring glory to Summit 7 or any individual, but to continue to prove the point that great companies or endeavors are comprised of passionate people who strive to be part of something greater.


My passion comes through my work with the customers. I always believe in putting the best foot forward, especially for the customer. There is so much that I have learned from customer interactions both professionally and from a technology improvement level. I am thankful for all of the minor tasks that get assigned to me, because while sometimes they can add stress to a situation, in the long run it is something I would need to learn anyways. – Michael Pigott

I am excited about helping customers finds solutions that work. I spent 10 years working at (another company) and it was frustrating to feel like I couldn't get things done or make a difference. I like helping customers make a positive change in their organizations. – Amy Edwards

I really enjoy having flexibility in the schedule and being able to work from home... I've enjoyed the opportunities I've had to help out the other folks on the team and share some of my knowledge and experience with them. I've loved that I've had to dive deeply into areas I've never had to previously; Summit 7 has really made me grow and hone my skills... I love that Summit 7 actually does feel more like a family than any other place I've been, even with me working remote and not actually seeing everybody very often. Everyone is just great. We're far from perfect, but I think we've got a really great culture.
Brian Laws

I am passionate about two things. First, building a team that provides excellent solutions for our customers; second, providing an excellent place to work for that team. – Scott Edwards

In the industry of modern technology, things move so fast that a lot of the time solutions are just that: chances. As I have watched companies in the technology industry evolve over the last few decades, I have noticed the companies that tend to succeed are those that allow their workforce to challenge themselves even in the face of failure. These failures often lead to future successes, more capable employees and a more desirable culture within said company. While failure is never our first choice, the outcome can create character, wisdom and experience that can be gained in no other way.


Summit 7 has offered me the ability to learn more about myself and what I do. The exposure to the various projects and clients, super intelligent people to work with, and many times, unique approaches to solutions not only challenge me, but also cause me to grow personally and professionally. I have areas I prefer to focus in technology, but I am a problem solver at heart. Summit 7 gives me the opportunity to use those skills and talents for the company and our clients. When we use our skills and talents for someone other than ourselves, paid or not, character develops. Sometimes it is slow like old fashioned photography and sometimes quickly like a cellphone picture posted to Facebook. But in the end, looking back on those photos, it’s not the method used to capture the moment, but the fact that you have that moment captured. – Jamye Few (that's me!)


So for those corporate leaders out there trying to take your company to the next level, your best asset is usually not found in some acquisition or strategic partnership. It is usually sitting right under your nose in the form of untapped resources within your organization. For you employees who feel limited or "unfulfilled", if you get the opportunity to challenge yourself, take that opportunity or approach your superiors and request those opportunities. Courage by definition has to be applied with the possibility of failure or it is not courage at all.


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