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Things I Learned the Hard Way with FAST Search 2010 for SharePoint

Deployment.xml & BOMs
Particular care must be taken to not have a Byte Order Mark (BOM) at the beginning of this file as that will cause the configurations to fail. Although Microsoft TechNet articles recommend using NotePad to create this file and saving it in UTF-8 format, NotePad does insert a BOM as shown in the figure below. You must open the file with a Hex Editor to remove any BOM inserted by NotePad or any other text editor. I use the free one created by Mael Horz at
It was somewhat of a surprise that the BOM did not matter when configuring the Admin role but caused subsequent farm member configurations to fail big time.

Deployment.xml with BOM Deployment.xml with BOM

More Case Sensitivity
When entering the name of the server AND the name of the Admin server, you must enter them in the same case as they appear in the deployment.xml otherwise the configuration will fail. Recommendation: Always stick to lowercase. Easier to remember, easier to type.
No Data Validation
The text boxes of the configuration wizard do not strip leading or trailing spaces so be very careful when pasting in values. Somehow, I even managed to add a space when typing in the password.
Wizard pages do not set focus
So I am just typing away while reading the notes of what I should be typing. Look up and nothing happened. Seems like setting the focus for the cursor should not be all that hard for the code cruncher who wrote this Wizard.
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