Summit 7 Team Blogs

How We Did It: Automating Planning, Strategy, and Marketing Execution with Nintex

By Robin L. Williams January 11, 2016

Today’s business environment requires dynamic planning and execution cycles – but how do we..

4 Ways To Be An Effective Team Member

By Matt Whitehorn January 11, 2016

There are a number of pictures going around on social media depicting characteristics of a boss..

December 2015 Newsletter - SharePoint the Farm Awakens

By Robin L. Williams December 12, 2015

Help us AnchorPoint - you're our only hope...

A long time ago in a farm far away... It is a..

Dec. 3rd Free Webinar - Your SharePoint Relationship: How well do you know your SharePoint farm?

By Robin L. Williams November 18, 2015

Is your relationship status with SharePoint "It's complicated"? There are some things you should..

Modernizing Processes is More Than Just Workflow

By Jason Batchelor October 30, 2015

Continual Process Improvement, Lean, Agile, BPR (business process re-engineering), business..

It's No Paper November

By Jason Batchelor October 30, 2015

Driving less paper is more than just finding it - it is about identifying the why, what, and how..

Resolving Turf Issues between your SharePoint Team and another Content Management Team

By Bill English October 19, 2015

Many organizations bump into the problem of SharePoint's functionality competing with similar..

Eight Years of SharePoint Governance – What Have We Learned?

By Bill English October 5, 2015

SharePoint governance didn't become a topic of concern in the SharePoint community until the..

Signed, Sealed, Delivered with Nintex and DocuSign

By Matt Whitehorn October 1, 2015

Last week, I made the statement that we at Summit 7 Systems love Nintex. Now, it’s easy to say you..