Summit 7 Team Blogs

Conquer Your Bracket with Power BI: Part 1

By Kendall Rader March 16, 2016

It's that time of the year again. When young and old, rich and poor, sports fans and office..

How to Create Office 365 Demos with Microsoft

By Michael Pigott February 29, 2016

For those of you that haven't had a chance to see, Microsoft has remade their Office Demos site...

9 Reasons Why You Need a Technical Support Service

By Michael Wilke February 20, 2016

Many companies are offering technical support for software. Oftentimes, this support is working..

Email Automation with Nintex and Office 365

By Matt Whitehorn November 8, 2015

Here at Summit 7 Systems, we use Nintex for our internal processes. One of the processes we have..

SharePoint Horror Stories - Patching

By Robin L. Williams October 26, 2015

Let's face it. SharePoint can be scary. There's an endless variety of things that can go wrong...

Why we love Nintex

By Matt Whitehorn September 22, 2015

Every business has processes. The quality of these most often falls into one of three..

Office 365 Service Trust Portal

By Paul Robichaux September 18, 2015

Trust is a key issue in any discussion of cloud services. After all, when you choose a cloud..

SharePoint 2016 and You

By Ben Curry September 10, 2015

Microsoft’s release of the SharePoint Server 2016 preview is a welcome realization of their..

Getting started with Power BI

By Paul Robichaux August 18, 2015

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard people talking about big data...