Summit 7 Team Blogs

OneNote for Mac and Other Happy Dreams

By Jason Miller July 30, 2013

A few weeks ago I was browsing Reddit and came across an AMA that piqued my interest. If you’re not..

PowerShell Output to a File and some other tidbits

By Jamye Few June 3, 2013

Whenever you are getting data using PowerShell (in my case, usually things like a list of URLs out..

Exchange 2013: Better wait a few months

By Jason Miller October 25, 2012

This blog post is actually being posted on behalf of the very awesome Jay Simcox, who discovered..

Creating a Parent/Child List Relationship in SharePoint 2013

By Mark.Rackley August 12, 2012

So, yes, it’s time once again for my vNext obligatory Parent/Child list relationship post! Can you..

Best Practices for SharePoint Migration

By Jason Miller July 13, 2012

Quest Software just posted a recording of the webinar I did with them this past Wednesday. It's..

Resolving PowerPivot Kerberos / Permission Error

By Ben Curry July 10, 2012

Error: Unable to connect to data source. Reason: Access denied. You either made a mistake typing..

Best Practices for Migrating to SharePoint White Paper

By Jason Miller July 10, 2012

Sup. Hope all is well in SharePoint land for you. There's only 15 more minutes left in this Monday,..

Quick Mac Office Tip: Get Rid of Outlook "Documents" in All My Files View

By Jason Miller April 13, 2012

Yesterday, Microsoft released Office for Mac 2011 SP2. It contains a number of important fixes..

Programmatically Assigning AD Security Groups to SharePoint Tasks

By Steve Jenkins April 7, 2011

Recently, I came across an issue with programmatically assigning an Active Directory account to a..