Summit 7 Team Blogs

Redirect User Profiles and My Sites to SharePoint Online

By Brian Laws June 5, 2015

SharePoint Online presents quite a compelling business case for most organizations. It offers a..

The Cost of Context Switching

By Matt Whitehorn June 4, 2015

Many times we want to give someone a quick status by stopping by their office and saying a quick..

Despite challenges, businesses can still adopt cloud successfully

By Dane Moorefield April 9, 2015

Cloud computing set up shop in the IT industry in a big way recently, enabling companies of all..

Successful cloud deployments are based on functionality/fit, not just price

By Dane Moorefield April 9, 2015

Organizations planning to adopt cloud computing in the near future likely gravitate toward..

Plenty can go wrong before, during and after cloud deployments

By Dane Moorefield April 8, 2015

Cloud computing enables companies to migrate applications to hosted environments where..

Participate in the first ever Nintex Champion “Valentine’s Day” challenge!

By Eric.Harris February 9, 2015

I challenge you to a challenge of all challenges… Yes, you read that right, incorrect grammar..

How Nintex is shaping its future

By Eric.Harris January 27, 2015

It’s more than just workflows for everyone; it’s a community for everyone!

As 2015 gets..

Now is the time for businesses to embrace Microsoft Lync

By Dane Moorefield January 22, 2015

Unified communication (UC) solutions are valuable tools for promoting employee collaboration..

US businesses know what they want and it's more cloud computing

By Dane Moorefield January 21, 2015

Plenty of companies have heard of cloud computing, sure, but it's clear more businesses have..