Summit 7 Team Blogs

5 things you need to know about hybrid cloud environments

By Dane Moorefield January 20, 2015

Companies planning cloud implementations have some important decisions to make before launching any..

Office 365 deployments coming into their own

By Dane Moorefield January 12, 2015

Microsoft has made great strides over the years to become a cloud-based vendor. Plenty of..

Real time SharePoint analytics in 5 minutes or less

By Eric.Harris November 20, 2014

After working with SharePoint since WSS 3.0, there is one thing that I’ve always heard..

Java Exchange Web Services API

By Paul Robichaux September 2, 2014

Hark back with me to days of yore, when Lotus Notes was still a thing….

IBM Lotus (and other former..

California BYOD

By Paul Robichaux August 21, 2014

The state of California is a very unusual place in many respects. Not long after I moved there in..

You Really Should Migrate to SharePoint 2013 if…

By Eric.Harris June 4, 2014

If you are using any of the following SharePoint versions: Windows SharePoint Server 3.0 or..