Summit 7 Team Blogs

Share your Thanks-giving and help us help others.

By Robin L. Williams November 23, 2016

In the spirit of the holiday season, we're in the giving mood. We've curated some free..

Configuring the UPA Sync Connection with PowerShell

By Jay Simcox October 31, 2016

Recently I was faced with a challenge setting up the user profile service for a customers..

Cheat with your scripts in Exchange and Exchange Online

By Brian Laws October 17, 2016

Hi, all! Today, I've got something that I think is really cool and helpful. I really, really..

How to Post a Slack Message from SharePoint

By Jason Cribbet June 2, 2016

Slack is an incredibly powerful team collaboration tool that has gained a lot of enterprise..

Say Hello to the New Summit 7

By Robin L. Williams May 31, 2016

My name is Robin, your friendly neighborhood Digital Marketing Specialist. Today, I'd like to..

How to Create Dynamic Accordions in SharePoint Pages

By Patrick Abel May 20, 2016

As a developer, I am often challenged with client requirements that involve extending or..

Go with the Flow: Microsoft Flow Actions and Templates

By Jason Batchelor May 11, 2016

Microsoft is really working to help all of us streamline the way we work. They have been working on..

Feel me Flow – Process Automation with Microsoft Flow

By Jason Cribbet May 4, 2016

It's no secret that Microsoft is making a concerted effort to transition from custom..

Retrieve All SharePoint Service Accounts with PowerShell

By Michael Wilke May 2, 2016

SharePoint uses many service accounts. When I say service accounts, I mean all non-user accounts..