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XMPP Now Works with Windows Messenger (er, not)

Like a lot of folks I was absolutely thrilled to see Microsoft announce that XMPP support was available for the Windows Live service. I’ve not used Windows Live Messenger in quite some time due to the proprietary nature of the service and the fact that my friends are spread out over a number of other networks. Most of those networks are Jabber (XMPP) based. Ultimately, I’ve left Windows Live behind.

Imagine my excitement to see that Windows Live now supports XMPP…!

…or not.

What was announced was that XMPP can be used in a Windows Live client application. This does not mean that existing clients (such as Mac’s iChat) can use an XMPP connection to the Windows Live service. All Microsoft has announced is that you can get this to work if you, an app developer, really want to get it working.

Therefore, sadly, consumers of applications that want to use Windows Live with an XMPP connection will have to wait just a little while longer. You could take the time to petition your favorite app developer to integrate Windows Live XMPP support to your favorite application if you’d like to have something to do.

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