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You Really Should Migrate to SharePoint 2013 if…

If you are using any of the following SharePoint versions: Windows SharePoint Server 3.0 or earlier, or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or earlier; the below statement may be of some interest to you. (FYI: If you have anything prior to WSS 3.0, and are still using it, I am willing to work with you to get you upgraded).

It should be a priority for customers who have older releases of the software to migrate to supported releases to prevent potential exposure to vulnerabilities.

That came directly from a Microsoft Security Bulletin released on May 13th about an update that was intended to help prevent an authenticated attacker from running remote code in your environment.  While the vulnerability may not truly be valid in some of the older versions, having a non-supported version of SharePoint is a big disaster recovery risk for any business data.  Still have questions? Then you should visit to see if your version is still supported.

Security vulnerabilities may be one huge reason, but here are a few more to consider:

  • Improved Workflows
  • Search (integrated FAST which is search on steroids)
  • Big Data Supported
  • Better Document Management and Sharing Functionality
  • Sync documents with OneDrive for ease of access almost anywhere
  • Better User Interface
  • Powerful Business Intelligence Options

While that list is short, the list can keep going.  The above should be enough to pique your interest in what SharePoint 2013 can offer, and if you’re still not convinced, get a free trial and see for yourself.  Amazon offers Test Drives of SharePoint 2013Office 365 offers trials but you do have to sign up first.  So your best bet right now would be the AWS Test Drive.  I also know RackSpace allows free trials as well, so if you’re looking for SharePoint online only, that’s also an option.

Tip of the day: Let us handle your migration. If you are even remotely worried or unsure about how to migrate or upgrade to SharePoint 2013, give us a call.  You can also check out my other blogs on the cloud if that’s something you are considering:

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As always shoot me an email, leave a comment or tweet me (@eharris04) if you have any questions.

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