Summit 7 Team Blogs

Andrew Boulton

Progressively Enhancing Mobile Accessibility

By Andrew Boulton January 31, 2012

Once-upon-a-time, “graceful degradation” was the name of the game. Design something ridiculously..

Securing Web content via public-facing Sitecore login

By Andrew Boulton December 15, 2011

The question with Sitecore is, most often, not “can we do this?” but “how can we do this?”..

Mobile version = mobile app? Appsolutely not

By Andrew Boulton November 23, 2011

Or, rather, to paraphrase the 42nd President of the United States, the answer is it depends on what..

Blog InitIAtion: Google Analytics for Mobile IA

By Andrew Boulton October 19, 2011

Over the next year, Amy, Jason and I will burst out of our design and development comfort zones..