Summit 7 Team Blogs


Participate in the first ever Nintex Champion “Valentine’s Day” challenge!

By Eric.Harris February 9, 2015

I challenge you to a challenge of all challenges… Yes, you read that right, incorrect grammar..

What can toilet paper teach us about customer loyalty?

By Eric.Harris February 9, 2015

What would you do with a case of toilet paper, if you could buy it for $0.01?  That may sound..

How Nintex is shaping its future

By Eric.Harris January 27, 2015

It’s more than just workflows for everyone; it’s a community for everyone!

As 2015 gets..

Real time SharePoint analytics in 5 minutes or less

By Eric.Harris November 20, 2014

After working with SharePoint since WSS 3.0, there is one thing that I’ve always heard..

Show/Filter list items in Nintex Forms

By Eric.Harris July 31, 2014

I recently had request from a client to show current items in a list for users to preview as..

How to Solve Multiple File Upload Issue for Users

By Eric.Harris June 13, 2014


Sally (User): Jim, what in the world did you do with this..

You Really Should Migrate to SharePoint 2013 if…

By Eric.Harris June 4, 2014

If you are using any of the following SharePoint versions: Windows SharePoint Server 3.0 or..

One tool every proposal manager should have: Longitude Search from BA Insight

By Eric.Harris May 15, 2014

Working in the proposal industry can be a really tough gig.  Many of us know about the late..