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Jason Miller

Best Practices for SharePoint Migration

By Jason Miller July 13, 2012

Quest Software just posted a recording of the webinar I did with them this past Wednesday. It's..

Best Practices for Migrating to SharePoint White Paper

By Jason Miller July 10, 2012

Sup. Hope all is well in SharePoint land for you. There's only 15 more minutes left in this Monday,..

More O365/Lync Troubleshooting: The Endpoint Cache

By Jason Miller May 22, 2012

Recently we experienced a bit of an issue with Lync Online (Office 365). Some of the users could..

Quick Mac Office Tip: Get Rid of Outlook "Documents" in All My Files View

By Jason Miller April 13, 2012

Yesterday, Microsoft released Office for Mac 2011 SP2. It contains a number of important fixes..

It's 2012 and Exchange Public Folders Are Still Going Away

By Jason Miller March 9, 2012

It's a rainy morning here in Huntsville, AL in March of 2012. It's been 2 years and 2 months since..

Lync for Mac Fails to Login to Lync Online (BPOS or O365) - Updated

By Jason Miller February 22, 2012

The latest update of Lync for Mac brings a number of improvements and parity to the Mac side of..

XMPP Now Works with Windows Messenger (er, not)

By Jason Miller December 22, 2011

Like a lot of folks I was absolutely thrilled to see Microsoft announce that XMPP support was..

Lync 2010 Client for iOS Released Today

By Jason Miller December 20, 2011

Here’s a real quick update for you today – Microsoft released a Lync 2010 client for iOS today...

Introductions are in Order!

By Jason Miller December 15, 2011


The first step is admitting you..