Summit 7 Team Blogs

Shawn Hays

Scott Edwards to Speak DFARS/NIST Compliance at ISACA Huntsville Chapter

By Shawn Hays September 5, 2017

Mark Your Calendar

On September 18th Scott Edwards will lead ISACA in outlining the process for ..

Five Updates You Might Have Missed at InspireX 2017

By Shawn Hays February 25, 2017

The dust has settled and Nintex updates are officially rolling out. It seems like a good time to..

Compare and Contrast: Microsoft Forms in Office 365 and Nintex Forms - A Case for Both

By Shawn Hays January 18, 2017

At a High Level

*It's important to note that Microsoft Forms is currently available for Office..

A Lesson from Your Local Dunkin Donuts: How to Treat Potential Hires, New Hires, and Old Hires

By Shawn Hays December 22, 2016


I'm a major culprit for eavesdropping at coffee shops if I'm ever working outside..

Redesign Your Website ... Like an Elevator

By Shawn Hays November 10, 2016


Recently, I listened to a TED Radio Hour that highlighted some unique design decisions...