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How to Gain Eligibility for Office 365 GCC High

Below are quick instructions on starting the eligibility process. After you submit your eligibility application and receive the first communications from Microsoft, you will need to submit a contract to the Microsoft team that calls out ITAR, Export Controlled, CUI or DFARS 7012 as requirements.
Also, you should check out the Office 365 Licensing Guide before starting your eligibility to get an understanding of what feature sets are currently available in each tenant type respectively. Let's get started! 
Once you have the email confirming eligibility from Microsoft, just forward it to (licensing@summit7systems.com) and we can provide your Office 365 GCC High licensing quote.

Watch the video walkthrough



OR Follow the screen shots below for tips on how to complete your eligibility application.

If you'd like guidance live on the Microsoft site - simply click on the "See Live" button *NOTE: You will have to add the extension to run the live help prompts*.
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