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How to become a SharePoint 2013 Collaboration Genius (also works in 2010)!

Most people that work in today’s industries are constantly looking for ways to “do more with less”. The very person that came up with that phrase should be... Well never mind that thought, on with life right?

To be successful, we've all aspired to, or had a desire to be a little overzealous, go that extra mile on a project, stay just 20 minutes more to finish some report, and help the company save money. However, everything competes for our time now, and being innovative is just as much work as work itself.

With Microsoft releasing SharePoint 2013 this year, we have seen a huge increase in companies trying to balance all the information that now exist within its four walls, both intellectual and proprietary information. This increase has many companies struggling while its employees continually reach outside the four walls to work and share information as fast as possible.

It seems as though each new day brings some new company or new way for employees to share information and huge documents without really worrying too much about file size and email limitations. That can be a serious nightmare for the IT and Security personnel who like to know just who has access to the company’s sensitive documents. While services like DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Amazon, SugarSync, Insync and other provide really great services depending on the needs; companies have been slow and reluctant to spend the necessary funds to offer similar services to their employees to provide the same functionality and enable more collaboration.

Here’s how you can encourage Collaboration, become the HERO you are, and avoid wearing those funky spandex suits (at least in the office).

If you already have SharePoint 2010 or 2013, I have some great news for you. SharePoint, as you may know, offers great tools for collaboration with sites, list, document libraries with version control, workflows and content approval, and more. However, the process for collaborating with other systems like Outlook requires uploading documents, finding the link to that document, navigating to your Outlook email, and finally sharing that document. That can be cumbersome or down right painful if your internet speed is slow. So what can you do about that to ensure you are using your existing platform and encouraging collaboration?

My tip to stay Innovative and Relevant…

Download AttachThis from Quest, share it, and watch the magic happen!


AttachThis is an easy-to-use Outlook add-in that lets you easily connect Outlook to your SharePoint platform in order to manage and use SharePoint’s content collaboration seamless without changing the way you work. Now you can quickly add attachments to any email without worrying about long URL’s and file sizes.


AttachThis enables you to:

  • Automatically upload email attachments to SharePoint right from Outlook
  • Eliminate seeing “file size to large” or “inbox is nearing storage limit” Outlook alerts
  • Simplify collaboration by using SharePoint to automatically consolidate edits from various team members into a single document with “Version Control”
  • Give users the assurance their viewing the latest and greatest documents right from their email

This tool integrates seamlessly inside your company’s existing processes while enabling better collaboration where it really should be. Most people send at least 20 emails internally a day. Those documents take up tons of space in your exchange folders wherever they sit. It also requires your colleagues to now track that document to ensure it’s the right one there are using. SharePoint simplifies that by enabling document versioning and control which increase the “one source of truth” aspect. Quests’ AttachThis makes accessing and sharing that source of truth really simple, and best of all it has a “FREE” version. The Pro version for Administrators offers some really nice features as well, so have a look and do more today.


P.S. I don’t get paid to write nice reviews. There are solutions that are worth writing about because it makes life a lot easier for those who really want to do more with less J. Shout out to Jennifer Lupiba (Product Marketing Manager) for the videos on AttachThis as well, good job helping explain what this solution does.