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How to View Websites That Are No Longer Available

Recently, I was troubleshooting an issue and searching on Google for answers. While searching I came across some links in Google search that looked like they would contain the answer. When I clicked on the link it brought me to a page that was "no longer available." The page that was unavailable was the page I needed and I wanted to find a way to open it. 

This turned out to be easier than expected when I found out about search engine cached pages. A cached page is a copy of a websites page that has been crawled (Searched) by the search engine you are using and stored in a secondary location for faster access to the page later on. This is mainly done by Google's web servers to provide faster access to frequently used content.

The page I was having trouble viewing was using the live version of the page, not the cached copy. I then tried to find the cached copy of the page using http://www.cachedpages.com/ and the page loaded successfully! If the Google Cache option does not work for you, try https://archive.org option to view the last snapshot(s) of a page taken by archive.org.

Good luck in your quest to find answers!