Summit 7 Team Blogs

The Madness is over - and here's what we learned.

And so it begins…the arrival of newly fallen pollen and also the yearning for what could have been, the perfect bracket.  

As with every tournament there are surprises, expected winners, and the unforeseen story line…which is honestly my favorite part.  The ability for a tournament such as this to bring about a positive story of reflection, perseverance, and dedication that we would otherwise not be made aware of.  Essentially, the competitive nature of sport enables us, as people, to tap into the rawest senses of our emotion. Often times these emotions appear to be unexplainable.  But yet even at those times, there is still a story to tell such as the “crying band girl 2016.” If you are not familiar with “crying band girl 2016” you can read about it here.

webinar_sidebarWhile it might appear silly to some that she is crying at a loss, she is actually crying out of empathy for her fellow seniors that worked so hard and to not feel the final taste of season ending-success. The irony is this, in 2015, there was Band Girl 2015 - a piccolo player from Villanova that professed her love of being a Wildcat and we see where that got them.

While we had no crying band members at Summit 7, we did have our own sense of raw emotion and competition – it was our own story line. Behind the scenes we had a tireless crew that did what we do best – dig in, figure it out, and make it happen.  Without Matt Whitehorn, Patrick Abel, and Kendall Rader we couldn’t have pulled our own Bracketology solution off.

What made the solution sweetest is that we did it with the tools we know best and proved once again that we can rapidly build some pretty cool solutions in only 2.5 weeks. We hope the competition was as rewarding for you participating as it was for us creating it.  As with all great things there is an end, and with that, we congratulate the following winners of the inaugural "Conquer Your Bracket" contest:

1. Jonathan Powell ($300 Amazon gift card)

2. Greg Tosi ($100 Amazon gift card)

3. Sam Larko ($50 Amazon gift card)

To everyone else, thanks for playing! We hope to see you all again next year.

Next time you are curious what you can do with Nintex and SharePoint think of March Madness because with those tools we moved the ability to beyond just “forms and workflows.”

Conquer Your Bracket will be back next year, probably a little bit better, and definitely some lessons learned about building our next bracketology game.  Remember this: regardless of what the pundits, the “bracketologists”, or self-proclaimed experts say there are 2 things we have learned this year:

1)      Don’t be James Kiki  – see your task through the end.

(Talk about someone kicking himself, $50k up grabs with 48 of 60 picks in Yahoo Sports contest and forgot to pick the winners of the final 4 matches.)

2)      Find the team with the most passionate fans and those with crying band members.

Finally, congratulations to Villanova, it was truly epic, but if you are planning next year’s bracket look out for the University of Kentucky in 2017 (per lesson learned #2 and Band Girl 2016).

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