Summit 7 Team Blogs

Third Quarter 2020 CMMC and Microsoft Government Cloud Updates

By Shawn Hays July 21, 2020

It is often an uneasy task to identify all of the updates and changes to CMMC and the Office 365..

Do You Need GCC High For CMMC?

By Shawn Hays June 3, 2020

The short answer: No

The long answer: You likely need to choose GCC High for your overall..

Why Does Office 365 GCC High Cost More?

By Shawn Hays May 27, 2020

Many business and IT leaders in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) are exploring the benefits of..

CMMC Recovery (RE) - Compliant Backup

By Shawn Hays April 22, 2020
One of the key areas where the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification ( CMMC) expands on..