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SharePoint Saturday Atlanta: Understanding the FAST Search 2010 for SharePoint Architecture

By Daniel Webster May 31, 2012

I will be speaking on Understanding the FAST Search for SharePoint Architecture at SharePont..

Quick Mac Office Tip: Get Rid of Outlook "Documents" in All My Files View

By Jason Miller April 13, 2012

Yesterday, Microsoft released Office for Mac 2011 SP2. It contains a number of important fixes..

FS4SP Crawling Will Not Stop

By Daniel Webster January 28, 2012

Many of us have encountered the scenario where we want to stop a crawl in our FAST Connector Search..

Modify Names of FAST Search Service Applications Databases

By Daniel Webster January 19, 2012

SharePoint loves GUIDS!

For some unexplained reason, the automated processes that create..

Content Source not available for Scope rules in FAST Query Search Service Applications?

By Daniel Webster January 10, 2012

FAST ESP used “Collections” as boundaries for portions of the index. Crawlers for different..

SharePoint Search 2010 25M Item Crawl DB Limit Solution (Also for FAST Search 2010 for SharePoint)

By Daniel Webster December 28, 2011
The crawl database used by SharePoint 2010 Search crawlers has a limit of 25 million items...

Summit 7 Systems Achieves the Microsoft Gold Digital Marketing Competency

By Robin L. Williams August 8, 2011

Summit 7 Systems Earns Distinction through Demonstrated Technology Success and Customer Commitment


Things I Learned the Hard Way with FAST Search 2010 for SharePoint

By Daniel Webster May 5, 2011
Deployment.xml & BOMs Particular care must be taken to not have a Byte Order Mark (BOM) at the..

SharePoint 2010 Administrators must be sensitive with FAST Search For SharePoint

By Daniel Webster March 31, 2011

Case Sensitive, that is. After years of working on Microsoft products, it is easy to develop a..