This webinar builds upon latest industry news and trends and speaks on brand new topics for 2018 compliance. The deadline for DFARS and CDI/CUI compliance (December 31, 2017) is behind us. Nearly all DoD contracts being relesed contain the DFARS Clause 252.204.7012, and now it will be imperative to maintain compliance.


This second installment of our DFARS, CDI/CUI, and ITAR Compliance webinar covers remaining updates in the DFARS compliance process in accordance with the DFARS 7012 Clause, NIST 800-171., and varous ITAR regulations. 


In this webinar you can benefit from hearing lessons learned and industry best practices, with focus on the following subjects:


  • How small, medium, and large companies are approaching DFARS compliance in the coming year
  • The latest DFARS Working Group comments for the DoD industry 
  • What to do now if you are not already into the compliance implementation process
  • Ask your toughest DFARS, CDI/CUI Compliance questions during the Q&A Session at the end of the webinar