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Software Systems Engineer

Location: Contractor Place of Business

Dates: 1 yr + 3*1-yr option 

Clearance (if required): Secret 

This position will work off-site (contractor site) with periodic meetings at the customer’s site in Battle Creek, MI.

 The candidate is responsible for formulating/defining specifications for complex operating software programming applications or modifies/maintains complex existing applications using engineering releases and utilities from the manufacturer. They will design, code, test, debug, and document those programs. The candidate provides overall operating system maintenance, such as sophisticated file maintenance routines, large telecommunications networks, computer accounting, and advanced mathematical/scientific software packages. They will assist all phases of software systems programming applications and evaluate new and existing software products.

The candidate will support DLA Blogs by assisting in the planned moved from the WordPress-based Blogs functionality into a SharePoint based functionality. They will assist with the maintenance of the current WordPress environment until it is finished being moved into SharePoint. The contractor will also be required to complete the plan if the plan has not been completed prior to contract award.

The candidate will support the EBS Reporting utilizing SharePoint and the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). The Software Systems Engineer will maintain the EBS Reporting system and architecture through enhancements and exception coding to address the needs of DLA. The Contractor shall assist Information Assurance by implementing mitigation in order to provide, situational awareness to ensure the health and scalability and implementation of EBS Reporting. There is a plan in place for this functionality to migrate to another platform (not supported by Enterprise Media) by 1st quarter of 2019.

They will also Work with DLA CERT to implement business and compliance requirements for all task areas under this contract. Content includes any DLA application including, but not limited to, correlation rules, data monitors, reports, event annotation stages, case customization, active lists, and pattern discovery. Testing and tuning of the content developed is required and coincides with the development process. Content development based upon the customers identified use cases.

1.     Analyze DoD directives, business guidelines, and IA policies for criteria on content development

2.     Develop network and asset models to enhance the IA posture and take advantage of advanced scanning capabilities

3.     Analyze events found in the application logs to validate the architecture and procedures, define new procedures, and identify events of interest in support of report incident response 

Responsibilities / Required Skills:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of applications software development concepts and techniques to design, code, and debug programs
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of query languages, such as SQL, as well as knowledge of computer programming languages such as C#.NET
  3. Maintain expertise in Microsoft PowerShell is required
  4. Maintain expertise in Microsoft SharePoint solutions, applications, and technologies is required
  5. Maintain expertise with all .NET applications and component framework
  6. Must be proficient in:
    1. MS Office Suite
    2. MS Project
    3. MS Visio
    4. HTML
    5. VB Script
    6. XML
    7. Microsoft ASP.Net
    8. JAVA/Primavera
  7. Must have Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience
  8. Specialized experience with reading documentation and providing detail analysis of software business and technical capabilities
  9. DoD IA experience with policies and best practices in accordance with DIACAP/RMF
  10. Provide technical and administrative support to include analyzing and refining system requirements, design, architecture, performance, monitoring and security IAW DoD/DLA/IA policies, and directives
  11. Perform network and server administration tasks and log reviews to ensure server connectivity and user availability
  12. Perform typical EBS Reporting administration tasks including the creation, monitoring, accessing, and changing of user and service accounts
  13. Assess new computing technologies and the feasibility of system enhancements to determine potential value for the Agency
  14. Plan, design, develop, test and implement software enhancements to incorporate new functionality or to improve current functionality
  15. Ensure that all production and testing application baselines are operational every morning
  16. Maintain expertise in Microsoft PowerShell is required
  17. Maintain expertise in Sharepoint and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) solutions, applications, and technologies is required
  18. Maintain expertise with all .NET applications and component framework
  19. Provide and perform application performance measurement and reporting



  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or related IT field (Or equivalent work experience: minimum of 4 additional years’ experience)
  2. Highly desire advanced education in fields related to position

  1. Must have Security+ CE or higher for an IA certification:
  2. Must have one of the following:

a. MCSE: Business Intelligence (retired)

b. MCSE: Data Platform (retired)

c. MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

d. MSCE: SharePoint (retired)

e. MCSE: Productivity

f. MCSD: SharePoint Applications (retired)

g. MCSD: App Builder


Required Qualifications/Experience:

  1. Five (5) years relevant experience in designing, coding, testing, and debugging, and documenting Microsoft SharePoint and other complex operating software programming applications in the collaborative tool environment or Oracle EBS reporting tool
  2. Should have 2 years EBS experience
  3. Must have a minimum of six-(6) years of experience with deployment of DoD IT systems
  4. Must of SDLC Experience

Special Requirements/ Additional Information:

  1. Candidate must be able to articulate how they meet the above requirements during the interview process and experience listed in resume should reflect this
  2. Must be able to provide 2 job references
  3. Candidate must be able to pass a background check

Software Systems Engineer